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Aquatic Rocks!

Welcome to our web site!

Aquatic Rocks! is the perfect decorations for your aquarium, potted plants, garden or to use just as an decoration around the house! All Aquatic Rocks! are 100% waterproof, the inukshuks are sealed together with a durable waterproof adhesive. Safe Decorations for your aquarium, remember to rinse everything before putting it in your aqarium.


Made from mixed feldspar
with quartz, no two are alike!
Buy 10 or more of the same
size and get them 50% off!
Small $1.00ea 
Medium $2.00ea
Larger $3.00ea

Some are very clear and
others are a bit smokey!
Buy 10 or more packs or
10 large Quartz and save 50%.
5 pack of small for $1.00
5 pack of medium for $2.00 
Large for $2.00ea

Shipping is not included in the price as each order is unique!
When inquiring about shipping please tell me what your interested in, the amount you would like, and your complete mailing address!

Quartz/Feldspa Inukshuk

Shown: Small and Large sizes

Amanda Aleck* Box 189* Madawaska, ON * Canada * K0J2C0

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